Dundee United: Robbie Neilson has spoken to Jamie Robson

Dundee United head coach Robbie Neilson confirmed that he has spoken to Jamie Robson after an image circulated on social media showing a man “blacked up”.

The Dundee United defender has been tagged several times with many suggesting that it was Robson in costume for a fancy-dress party.

“I spoke to Jamie briefly this morning,” he said.

“I expect the highest of standards from everyone at the club no matter where.

“Whether they are on the training ground, on the pitch or in their social life, so it’s something that the club will deal with internally and it’s something that will be dealt with in the next couple of days.

“I am not going to comment too much on it but, like I say, the standards at this football club have got to be of the highest and we will make sure that we get that.”

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