Dundee United’s Frédéric Frans enjoys pressure and proving people wrong

Despite four games unbeaten, Dundee United sit three points off the top of the Scottish Championship in fifth place and questions are being raised about the ability of the manager and the players to be successful this season. However, Belgian defender Frédéric Frans has revealed that he enjoys when people express doubts so that he can prove them wrong.

Speaking at St Andrews, Frans told Discovery Sports Media: “To be honest we try to focus on our own thing but obviously you hear things from outside.

“That’s always like this, but I think it is a great motivation to prove people wrong.

“I heard already things about it, that we are not good enough this season and stuff, but I like this.

“I like when people say these things, so you can only prove them wrong and that’s up to us.”

Furthermore, and contrary to those who see little or no progress at United this season, Frans believes that things are improving, and that pressure will push the team on.

“I think we are actually OK.

“Everybody who plays here knows that there is pressure at Dundee United to go up, but I think all of the players who are here are used to it.

“They want to have pressure to perform.

“That is also one of the reasons why I signed for Dundee United, because I think as a football player you need pressure to be the best you can.

“It is nice, I don’t mind it.”

Turning to the upcoming trip to Fakirk, the Belgian expects a hard game.

“It is massive, I think it is with every game in this league.

“We need to get three points, but every game is tight and obviously this weekend it is a very difficult game because I think we can only be losers in this game if we don’t get the three points.

“So, it is going to be hard, but we need to take them.”

Frans also expects things to improve as players return from injury and the team continues to gel after its summer overhaul.

“I think we are actually improving every week.

“Maybe, OK we didn’t get a win in the last two weeks, but I felt that in terms of playing football we are improving and understanding each other.

“Don’t forget last weekend we had 11 new players who weren’t there last season.

“So, it still needs a little bit of time, obviously you don’t get time in football, but don’t forget that we’ve also got Fraser Fyvie coming back and Billy King coming back.

“We have Sam Stanton injured and (Stewart) Murdoch.

“They are all experienced players who would be in any other Championship team.

“So, I think it is a few positives already and only more positives to come.”

The ultimate positive of course would be turning draws into victories and going on a title challenging run, and Frans believes that wins will provide a welcome lift to everyone associated with Dundee United.

“It is logical in football, get a few wins, get more confidence, build from there.

“Also, for the new boys, it will be nice to get a few wins going.

“It will also build the confidence for the fans.

“They will see that the team is getting better.

“So, in the end football is all about winning, you can play as good as you want but if you don’t win people will doubt you.”

Dundee United face Falkirk on Saturday who have lost every game of the league campaign so far.

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