Dundee United’s Robbie Neilson reveals what fans can expect from his side

Dundee United unveiled new head coach Robbie Neilson at Tannadice today and, speaking to Discovery Sports Media, Neilson gave an insight into what fans can expect from a ‘Robbie Neilson side’ on the pitch.

“I am hoping we have a team that wins,” he said.

“We had success at Hearts because we won football matches and you can do that in a number of ways. I keep going back to it all the time, it’s about what we do on a Saturday.

New Dundee United head coach Robbie Neilson with Dundee United chairman Mike Martin. © Grant McKenzie/Discovery Sports Media

“My job is to get the players in the best condition they can be on a Saturday and we want to have a team that wins. Yes, we want to do it with style, we want to do it with flair, we want to do it with pizzazz.

“We want to do all the buzz words that people talk about, but nobody is interested in that. All they are interested in is that you win and that is first and foremost what we need to do.”

Neilson also revealed that there may be additions to the coaching staff at Tannadice with longtime assistant Stevie Crawford rumoured to be the number one target.

“Obviously, Laurie (Ellis) is here at the moment and I’m really pleased to have Laurie here but I’d like to bring someone else in if I can but it’s easier said than done in football,” he said.

“So we’ll know over the next couple of days we’ll see if we can do things, I’ll speak to the chairman and see where we go with it.”


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