Neilson and Shankland keen to share plaudits

Dundee United’s Robbie Neilson and Lawrence Shankland have pulled off a double win of awards for August, however both are keen to stress that the awards are down to the whole team.

It is not surprising that both men have won their respective awards. United have four wins out of four so far this season with Shankland having scored eight goals.

Despite the individual nature of the awards, the manager was keen to stress that he sees the Manager of the Month award as a team effort.

“It is nice, but first and foremost it is the players that get it for you,” he said.

“It is the players that perform on the pitch, it is the players who do all the work in training.

“So, we have to thank them and then secondly, it is August isn’t it?

“If we are sitting here at the end of the season and it is Manager of the Year it is a different story.

“You’ve actually won something, but I am not going to get carried away with it.”

Striker Lawrence Shankland is equally keen to include his teammates in the award as he credits them with supplying him quality service in the final third of the pitch.

“Personally, it is always good to get a bit of recognition and get awards like that,” he said.

“But I think this one has been a real team effort and I feel that I am just picking it up on behalf of the team.”

“People take notice of the goal scorer, but I can only get in positions,” he said.

“It is up to my teammates to get the ball to me, and if I can put it away that always helps.”

Dundee United take on Shankland’s former club Ayr United this weekend, and he revealed that although he keeps in touch with some of his former teammates, there has been no talk of Saturday’s game so far.

“I keep in touch with a few of them daily,” he said.

“We’ve got a group chat we had when we were there.

“Nobody has even mentioned the game, it is just normal chat as usual.”

Meanwhile Dundee United have confirmed the signing of 28-year-old defender Troy Brown on a six-month deal.

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