Robbie Neilson: Trust us to get the right ones in

Dundee United head coach Robbie Neilson says he could sign a whole new team today if he wanted, but he is urging those fans eager for transfer activity to be patient and trust the club to recruit the right players during the January transfer window.

United have made just one signing so far in the January window with Aiden Nesbitt joining until the end of the season, however Neilson expects the currently quiet transfer market in Scotland to ignite shortly.

“It all has to spiral down from the top and one of the problems we have is that the top league in Scotland, nobody is here,” he said.

“They are all away, either off or away on their training camps.

“So, they are not letting players go which then means that the next market below that, our level, aren’t letting people go.

“We’ve got players that people are interested in, but we are not letting them go because we are not backfilling as well.

“It needs to kick off and it needs to start moving, and it will, but everyone is impatient to get people in.

“The fans want people in, the whole club wants people in, every club wants them, but you have to be patient and get the right ones.”

The United gaffer’s message to supporters is one urging patience as he looks for quality additions rather than signings for the sake of bringing in new faces.

“Have patience, trust us to get the right ones in,” he said.

“I could go today and sign 10 players, but it is not going to be the right 10 players and we are then going to have to deal with the fallout of getting 10 wrong signings in.

“It is more important that we take our time and get the right players in, and if it means getting one in this week or whether it be two or whether it takes to the end of the window.

“I don’t mind as long as we get the right players in because when it comes to the end of the window we are still going to have 14 games left to play.”

Meanwhile, the United boss has confirmed that an offer is on the table for ex-United midfielder Morgaro Gomis to return to the club for a third spell.

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