Dundee Derby: Siegrist looking forward to ‘biggest derby’ of his career

Dundee United goalkeeper Benji Siegrist expects Friday’s clash with neighbours Dundee to be the biggest derby of his career.

Siegrist will sample his first ever Dundee derby at Tannadice this Friday evening, and he has revealed that he is yet to lose a derby in his career so far.

“Friday will probably be the biggest one,” he said

“I’ve played a few in Switzerland where you play your local rivals, which I have a good record in actually, I haven’t lost one yet.

“Obviously with the crowd and everything with the city, being the neighbours and stuff, this is the biggest one, so I look forward to that one.”

Derby fever is gripping the city and the United number one revealed he sought out the derbies when the SPFL released the Scottish Championship fixture list.

“Well like everybody else I checked the fixtures when they came out,” he said.

“It is good that we play at home in the first one and obviously with the three previous results we have had we are in good spirits and high on confidence.”

United have enjoyed a fantastic start to their league campaign with striker Lawrence Shankland in scintillating scoring form. Naturally, the whole team play their part in United’s victories and Siegrist believes that all their hard work and guidance under head coach Robbie Neilson is bearing fruit in the good performances and results.

“It does help, but also it also takes a bit of time to get used to,” he said.

“Obviously the manager had come in so we are kind of in our second year, so you would hope for us to progress in the way we were playing.

“I think it is really coming together.

“So, starting in pre-season he put pictures in our heads of what he wants to do, what he expects us to do, which helps.

“If you go on the pitch and he tells you to do a, b and c and you go out there and do it you know what you’re doing.

“You’ve been prepared well in training, you know everything, so it helps.

“Obviously we have had a good start, but you know the foundation for those results was hard work and obviously every team is going to say, ‘we worked hard in pre-season’, but we really did work hard.

“We’ve been running up and down and been chasing balls in training, so hopefully that translates on the Saturday or on a Friday or whatever game day it is.”

Derbies tend to turn into battles and Siegrist believes the foundations the team have built in training can help see them come through any such battle against Dundee.

“There are times in the game where you can’t score every time and we just have to defend well, we have to be tactical, we have to be in our shape,” said Siegrist.

“The foundation for every game we have had this season is the hard work we have put in.

“The players running 10, 11, 12 kilometres, making sure we put our tackles in, the nitty gritty stuff.

“So that’s the foundation for every game and then afterwards our quality, which we have shown up front, will come through and hopefully that will win us the game.”

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