Solheim Cup: ‘We’ll step on their necks’ say Suzann Pettersen

Team Europe’s Suzann Peterson and Jodi Ewart Shadoff have welcomed Danielle Kang’s fighting talk as added motivation ahead of the Solheim Cup at Gleneagles.

Team USA’s Danielle Kang, speaking to the Drop Zone podcast, fired a shot across the bow of Team Europe, with the 26-year-old embracing the adversarial format of the Solheim Cup.

“You’re trying to take souls, you know,” Kang told the Drop Zone.

“You’re going there to make people cry at this point, just crush the other team.

“That’s the fun of it. We don’t ever get to do that.”

In response Pettersen and Ewart Shadoff welcome any fighting talk from their opponents as helping motivate Team Europe.

“I think it’s just extra motivation, really, for us,” said Ewart Shadoff.

“I don’t think there will be any tears on our team, just happiness.”

Smiling, Pettersen added: “And we’re just going to step on their necks.”

Meanwhile, wildcard Suzann Pettersen is feeling good about where her game is after taking a year out.

“Well, my golf game is in great shape,” she said.

“Being here it feels like I never left the game, which is kind of nice.

“I don’t know if it’s the atmosphere, the energy or everything that Solheim is all about that always kind of brings out the best of all of us.

“So, this time around the team atmosphere has been the best I think I’ve ever been a part of.

“And it’s fun to be around all these new youngsters who are so energetic and really good golfers. It’s fun to see.”

This will be Pettersen’s 8th Solheim Cup appearance, so just why does she see this year’s atmosphere differently than previous teams?

“I guess every team has different players,” she said.

“I just think these new youngsters on the European side have a lot of character.

“They’ve got a great golf game obviously.

“I think just their personalities are different, but they kind of go together so very good.”

31-year-old Jodi Ewart Shadoff, speaking alongside Pettersen, has experienced her share of Solheim Cup teams. She is set to compete in her third Solheim Cup, however this will be her first on home soil. For her the most noticeable difference, even just in practice, is the home support.

“The crowd is amazing,” she said.

“Everyone is rooting for Europe.

“I have noticed quite a few Americans out supporting, but it’s going to be a different atmosphere for me since the last two Solheim’s have been in the U.S., and everyone is rooting against you there.

“But it’s going to be really nice to have the crowd on our side.”

The competition gets underway with the Foursomes on Friday morning.

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